I’m Rachel – a trained business coach focused on helping ambitious female business owners stick two fingers up to the 9-5, building a business that works for them through effective brand and marketing strategies.


for ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

As a brand and marketing coach focused on driving results for female entrepreneurs, I’m here to show you that you really can have it all. Through straight-talking, tailored coaching I can help you ensure your online business not only satisfies your creative hunger but, importantly, also delivers profitable results. 

 During my career in advertising, I got to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, creating strategies to grow their visibility both online and offline, and drive sales. By applying the same principles to my own businesses, I was able to achieve rapid growth, enabling me to quit my 9-5 within less than a year of starting. I’ve felt the frustrations of the corporate world and also trying to grow a business, so I’m here to empower other women to change their lives for the better – all through the power of unleashing their personal brand and growing their reach online.

There are far too many women out there feeling uninspired, unmotivated and unappreciated in their careers – I know that, because I was one of them. Stuck in a career I loved that didn’t love me back, I realised that no one really had the power to change that situation but me. I stopped thinking about plans and ideas and started taking action, leveraging my experience and expertise from my 9-5 to create three successful businesses and most importantly, a life I love.

Taking control and setting up my own business has allowed me the freedom to create a life I love. By having my own business and being able to work on my terms, I love the fulfilment and sense of satisfaction I now get. My hesitations of leaving a well-paid job soon proved unfounded when I realised that as an entrepreneur, the sky was my limit in terms of earning potential.

Whilst many dream of having their own business, I soon realised the only way to drive change was to take action. Investing in myself and my business, getting myself a coach and building out a solid plan were, without doubt, the best steps I ever made – and stopped me from being one of the many who think big but never find the time to turn those dreams into reality.

Whilst there are many contributory factors to business success, I soon discovered the secret weapon to really drive growth – and fast. Utilising my experience and expertise in creating strategies and driving sales for some of the world’s biggest brands, I applied the same principles to my own business and soon saw the positive effects take hold. The potential power and influence of a brand will forever fascinate me, but combining with personal branding is where you can really start to see the impact. A brand is far more than a logo. It’s a personality. Creating a powerful brand, and getting it seen, are the two key ingredients to success – but where many new businesses go wrong.

Whatever success looks like to you, I’m here to help you build a brand that you can be proud of, a brand that truly represents you, and a brand that stands out in a sea of similarity. All by leveraging the power of personal branding.

My mission -

  • Increased bookings and sales (from not just any clients, but the right ones)
  • Improved visibility and engagement in an increasingly cluttered world
  • Creation of a totally unique brand proposition to stand out from competitors
  • Confidence to create your own distinctive brand voice
  • Clear plans and strategies to help you unlock your goals and full business potential

Are you ready to succeed?

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